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Thinking outside the cup of tea

founder associate 

Victoria shared with us the origin of this passionate project:
​ “  I had this crazy idea while sipping a cup of yerba mate tea at my Brooklyn apartment! It did not taste like the Mate I was used to drink  in South America and for my surprise neither was produced in South America  where the Mate comes from.  This was a revealing  fact that fueled my hunger for adventure.  My research work drove me all the way to Buenos Aires where I was born and where I started this amazing journey. Next I was on a bus on my way to the Rainforest at the northern east region of the country where all this crazy idea became a project and then a company. I found myself surrounded by Yerba Mate trees and tea gardens, the southernmost of the whole world.  Felt in love and started building what today we can call: Southmatea”

associate manager

Germán is a passionate entrepreneur focused on healthy habits. His love of nature, outdoor sports, and healthy lifestyle choices led him to join Southmatea in 2019.
​As economist with business experience in different countries brings a new vision to achieve the development of new and innovative products. His experience in the food sector provides a whole new and up-to-date perspective on how to be creative while keeping the main focus on our chosen path: to provide the worldwide community with innovative, healthy and functional products made with local ingredients, such as our Yerba Mate, while following a sustainable path.